With so many great coffee shops and restaurants out there, it’s quite challenging to do something different, especially if it’s a product that already works very well and that customers enjoy. So at Ballucci we are not trying to compete with other coffee shops, because we think most of them are doing a pretty good job. You know the old saying, if it’s not broken, don’t fix it. But saying that, we also never try to copy what other coffee shops do, because we believe independent coffee shops should keep their own identity. That’s what makes us all unique.


When the concept of Ballucci was created there were always three main aspects that would ultimately be the Ballucci experience. The first aspect is customer service. We believe that it’s all about the customer and we would do whatever we can to ensure our customers have the best experience with us. The second aspect is the product.  Our product might be simple, but we spent months and travelled through the country to find the perfect products for our shop. And then finally, the third aspect was to create a lovely environment with a very pleasant ambience.  You will find the perfect lighting in our shops especially design to ensure you have a relaxing experience with us. Our music does not come from a radio or automated playlist. Each and every track has been chosen individually and added to our very own personalised playlist. We believe that all these little things ultimately create the perfect experience. We want you to feel at home and enjoy every minute of your time spent with us at Ballucci.


Although we have worked extremely hard to create this experience for you, we are also always open to suggestions. Whether it’s our products, customer service skills, music or anything else for that matter, we are always happy to listen to feedback. We might not always be able to make the changes, but who knows, you might help us creating an even better experience!


As we mentioned before everything we do is for our customers. We value each and every one of you and we do whatever we can to try and give you what you like. If you’re happy, we’re happy! So if you have any feedback (good or not so good) suggestions or anything you just want to share with us, please either talk to us face to face in the shop or you may send us an email at tellus@ballucci.co.uk. We would love to hear from you.



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All feedback welcome at tellus@ballucci.co.uk